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Discover Irish Secret Hotels

Want to stay in a 5 star Irish hotel at 3 star prices? Open to trying something new? Secret Hotels Ireland offers you a great way to save money while staying in some of Irelands finest hotels. We only show you hotels which offer rooms on a “secret basis”. You don’t find out your actual hotel name until you commit to book.

We do however, tell you the star rating, facilities and location and save you up to 35% off the rack rate! Ideal for those who love a great deal, but don’t want to compromise on quality. We have hotels suitable for families, business travelers, or romantic getaways, listed across the whole of Ireland.

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  • I was a little sceptical when we chose to book a secret hotel for our holiday in London. However, everything was perfect! The hotel was as described and we had the most amazing time. I will definitely book a secret hotel with Secret Hotels London again. Thank you.
    Stephanie Baker
  • I saved over 60% and got a 5 star Hotel in the heart of the city. Covent Garden for only £60 per night! Amazing! Thank You Secret Hotels London xxx
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